ADVANCED VAASTU COURSE (4 DAYS) AFTER THIS WORKSHOP YOU WILL BE ENABLE TO FIND OUT 1) How to take degrees. 2) How to make a home-plan. 3) Use of Google earth for exact degrees. 4) How to grid 16 directions in your home plan for proper diagnose of your building. 5) 16 directions and their attributes. 6) How to make a zonal strength chart. 7) 5 elements and their attributes. a) Cycle of creation b) Cycle of control c) Cycle of balance d) Cycle of suppression 8) How to use pyramids to increase the energy of space by 108 times. 9) Effects of stairs in all 16 directions and remedies. 10) Kitchen in all 16 directions and rectifications. 11) Effects of the toilet in all 16 directions and rectifications. 12) 32 entrances and effect on members living in the same space and rectifications. 13) How to mark exact BRAHAMASTHAN. THE ANSWERS AND TRUE REMEDIES OF THESE PROBLEMS SUCH AS HEALTH PROBLEM, MONEY PROBLEM, EDUCATIONAL FAILURE, FAMILY DISPUTES ETC BY YOUR OWN BECAUSE EACH SESSION IS FULL OF PRACTICAL WORKINGS THAT ENRICH YOU WITH THE HANDS ON EXPERIENCE OF: a) By using the center of gravity method. b) Pathways method. c) Ratio method. d) SUDARSHAN KRIYA method. 14) Use of VAASTU perfect colors in your home. 15) How to identify objects creating problems for you and its correction. 16) Know about VAASTU PURUSH and creation of 45 powers in space. Shiki -E1 IDEAS, CREATIVITY AAPAVATSA - E1 & E2 CARRER PARJANYA - E2 FERTILITY IN WOMEN, REFRESHMENT JAYANT - E3 COURAGE, SUCCESS MAKER MAHENDRA - E4 ADMINISTRATION SURYA - E5 INFLUENCE, CONTROLLER SATYA - E6 COMMITMENT, GOODWILL CREATOR BRISHA - E7 ANALYSIS, DELAY DUE TO OVERTHINKING SAVITA - E7 & E8 IGNITOR AKASHA - E8 INNER SPACE, INITIATE ANIL - S1 UPLIFTER, TAKING IT FURTHER SAVITRA _ S1 & S2 PUSHER, STRENGTH PUSHA - S2 STRENGTH, RECOVERY VITATHA - S3 PRETENDER, ACT GRIHAKSHAT - S4 LIMITATIONS, DEFINER YAMA - S5 MAINTAINER, DISCIPLINE GANDHARVA - S6 PRESERVER BHRINGRAJ - S7 POWER OF DISCRIMINATION INDIRA - S7 & S8 CONCEPTION, PROTECTOR MRIGHA - S8 TO DEVELOP SKILLS PITRA - W1 BONDING, COMFORTS JAYA - W1 & W2 WINNING TOOL DAUWARIK - W2 RETENTION OF KNOWLEDGE, MEMORY SUGREEV - W3 RECEIVING POWERS PUSHPDANT - W4 GETTING THINGS EASILY DONE, EXPLORING VARUNA - W5 OBSERVATIONAL POWER, GAINS ASUR - W6 ILLUSIONIST SHOSHA - W7 DETOXIFY EMOTIONS RUDRA - W7 & W8 CLEANSER PAAPYAKSHAMA - W8 LONLINESS, DRUGS ADDICTION ROGA - N1 DRAINER, TIMLEY SUPPORT RAJYAKSAHMA - N1 & N2 BLOCKING, HOLDER NAGA - N2 CRAVING MUKHIYA - N3 RESOURCES & CARETAKER BHALLAT - N4 ABUNDANCE CREATOR SOMA - N5 TRANSFORMATION, TREASURE BHUJAGA - N6 SECURITY ADITI - N7 PEACE GIVER APHA - N7 & N8 HEALING POWER DITI - N8 VISIONARY BHARAMA - THE CREATOR BHUDHAR - POWER OF MANIFESTATION ARYAMA - CONNECTOR VIVISWAN - CONTROLLER OF CHANGE MITRA - MOTIVATOR 17) Working on 45 DEVTAS energy fields in five elements. 18) Use of mirrors for VAASTU rectifications. 19) How to open positive virtual entrances. 20) Effects of various objects at home on you. 21) How to decode and rectify yours and client's problem. 22) How to use 2d, 3d and 4d programming to generate desired results. 23) Learn about the graph chart techniques. WITH ALL THESE REMEDIES YOU WILL ALSO UNDERSTAND BY: 16 DIRECTIONS AND ACTIVATION TECHNIQUES a) NORTH (money, opportunities) and its activation technique. b) NNE ( healing power, fearlessness) and its activation technique. c) NE ( mind, vision, clarity) and its activation technique. d) ENE (happiness, recreation) and its activation technique. e) EAST (fame, goodwill, social work) and its activation technique. f) ESE (thought process, churning) and its activation technique. g) SE (luxury, cash, liquidity) and its activation technique. h) SSE (power, strength, confidence) and its activation technique. i) SOUTH (desire, courage, relaxation) and its activation technique. j) SSW(disposal, expenditure) and its activation technique. k) SW (talent, skills, family, stability) and its activation technique. l) WSW (saving, education) and its activation technique. m) WEST (gains, profits, returns) and its activation technique. n) WNW (detoxification, cleaning process) and its activation technique. o) NW (banking, support system) and its activation technique. p) NNW (sex, attraction, appreciation) and its activation technique. 2) Learn the attributes of all 16 directions and how they are affecting you in your daily life. 3) Know about the directions of opportunities for you. 4) Learn how to increase your savings. 5) Let your child be the Topper by the help of VAASTU. 6) How and which direction in VAASTU support your child's better education. 7) Know how sleeping in the wrong direction creates disease in your body. 8) Sleeping in which direction leads to delay in marriage and child birth. 9) Sleeping in which direction can create new business opportunities for you. 10) How wrong placement of bed creates heated arguments. 11) How to recover your struck money. 12) How to enhance or develop your business with right VAASTU techniques. 13) How to choose VAASTU perfect home. 14) How to get loan approval. 15) How to deal with IRRITATIONAL BEHAVIOUR, ALLOCATION and AGGRESSION by right VAASTU rectifications. 16) How to create family bonding. 17) Know about the direction to reduce the dosage medication. 18) How to create bonding in couples. 19) Which direction can support you to improve better health and immunity. 20) Which direction should always keep clean to create and maintain good health. 21) How to use the right colors to avoid accidents. 22) How to increase cash flow. 23) How to use mantras. 24) How to symbols. 25) How to use sculptures. 26) How to use paintings. 27) Know about the MARMASTHAN. 28) This journey makes you able to do live case studies also. Total Course Fee: Rs 120000 Bank Details - STATE BANK OF INDIA Name - SAHIL JAIN ACCOUNT NUMBER 35270219671 RGTS/NEFT IFSC: SBIN0003132 BRANCH - OPPOSITE AUQAF BUILDING, GANDHI NAGAR, JAMMU For more Details you can call us : 9999051719, 9419190432