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This science is based on mathematical calculation.

Journey Beginning with..

1. In-depth understanding of the planets.

2. In-depth understanding of the houses.

3. In-depth understanding of the Rashis.

4. What is time line.

5. what is Maha Dasha of a planet.

6. How antardasha, pratyantar Dasha & Sukshama Dasha plays an important role in your life.

7. What are Nakshatra's & why are they so important.

8. why nakshatra system was developed.

9. How nakshatras give results & of which planets during that period.

10. 45 Devtas & connection of the planets to create accuracy.


You will also learn the working of the planets on YOUR OWN HOME PLAN, to DECODE the life events & achieve YOUR DESIRED TARGETS.

Working on 27 nakshatras gives you the exact decoding of the EVENT. Working on 27 nakshatras is very important as it makes the reading more precise of the event.

Astrology is a science which depicts & tells about the happening of the event.

Events like

1. Marriage

2. Divorce

3. Child Birth

4. Money

5. Business Growth

6. Career Choice

7. Vehicle Choice

8. Purchasing of a Home

9. Litigation

10. Payment Recovery

11. Abroad Travel

12. Setting Abroad

13. Health

14. Family Disputes

15. Partnership & Issues related to them

K P system of astrology helps us understand the event decoding process in a very simplified way.

But when it comes to the remedial part we have to depend on Vaastu.

The remedies can be created with the help of Vaastu.

  • How by changing the colour we will generating results.
  • Just by suggesting the change of colour of socks, shirts or a necklace we can create the remodel MAGIC.
  • All the objects in a space are governed by planets, so what placements can be re-arranged to give the desired results as per the governed period, to achieve desired results.
  • All 16 zones are also governed by the 7 planets & 2 nodes (Rahu & Ketu).
  • North East is governed by planet by planet Jupiter, Jupiter is also a planet of abundance, but what combination in a kundali it will make to create a positive effect or a negative effect is most important. That is where the outcome will happen.
  • Aspects of a planet on the other planet is another important step you will be learning in this workshop, how & what combinations it will make to create the result.
  • The most important step is how we can change the effects to create the desired result for yourself & your clients to give them the DESIRED RESULT.
  • Reading a horoscope is simplifies in a process to make the readings easy & more powerful.
  • While listening to the client you can simply break them & connect to the planets to CREATE DESIRED RESULTS.
  • Every individual is unique & so is his planetary combinations, how you can help them achieve their desired TARGETS.
  • Suggesting of gemstones & remedies their period.
  • How, when & for what period the gemstones should be suggested.
  • Gems are also used in earth to activate a particular zone to give desired results.
  • You will also learn, how to implant the gemstones in the earth & when they have to be removed.
  • All objects are governed by planets, how to identify the objects & understanding of the combinations.
  • How to identify which object is creating problem in that zone.
  • As we know that in today's modern lifestyle we are limited time, so how to design simple remedies to simplify the remedies.
Advanced level of intuitive dowsing to get answers for deep rooted problems & meditative techniques to create solutions for your clients.
1. Meditation has been a part of our culture, sages have passed this technique to us.
2. How to take guidance of you subconscious to attain & generate desired results.
3. These techniques are developed for you to is a simple manner for you to use it in your day to day basis.
4. Not only this technique will help you but you can make it a part of daily life also you can pass it to your children to attain, achieve & simplify their life.

What will you achieve Once you complete the Course?
  • You will be an ASTRO-VAASTU consultant after completing for this journey & start your astrology practice.
  • You will be a full-fledged practicing vastu consultant & practitioner after the completion of the workshop.
Like suggesting & changing the color of a nail paint, or changing the color of the person's socks & even by suggesting a particular brand's mobile phone to the client you can create the desired results as per one's horoscope.

This workshop is fully designed for you not only to ESTABLISH AS A FULL-FLEDGED CONSULTANT, but also to create MAGIC for your clients with simple doable remedies.

There is a special session on how to ESTABLISH yourself as a CONSULTANT, when to ask for FEES & when to give the REMEDIES.
You will be working on your own & your family members Kundali also you will be decoding home plan & the objects present in your home as all the objects are governed by planets.    
Personal attention on each participant.
How to get quick results doing Astro-Vaastu Remedies.
Learn the logic behind designing the Astro-Vaastu Remedies.
Breaking the myths of Astrology & get 100% results.
If you are still left with any questions just let us know, we will be happy to resolve any query related to the workshop.

This work has been especially designed for people who have no knowledge of astrology or who are just the beginners.

Life is all about UPGRADATION, so we simplify it by adding you in the FB GROUP created for you to share your case studies & their working.

Simplify YOUR LIFE & help others to SIMPLIFY THEIR LIFE, the true meaning of A SAARTHI for LIFETIME.
How to identify the problem creating objects in a client's home just by looking at his Kundali?
Ways of using Gemstones with acupuncture techniques in the earth for correcting/ enhancing the zone.
The period for which it should be installed & then removed as per the requirement of your client.

TOTAL COURSE FEE: Rs 1,68,000 + Tax= Rs 1,98,240.
*Rs 45000 3 Day Advance Vaastu Course fee adjust

Bank Details- Bank HDFC
IFSC HDFC0000241

What's included in the workshop?
  • 1 Astro Chakra
  • 1 Aspect Chakra
  • Complete Tool Kit
  • Dowser
  • 2 HI-Tea's
  • Lavish Lunch
  • Complete Notes
  • Pre-Workshop Notes (upon Enrollment)
*Terms and Conditions apply

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