✍️ASTRO SIGNATURE 🎯Our signature is a reflection of our subconscious. It is like a snapshot of our thoughts, attitudes and behaviour pattern. And each stroke, each loop , each dot is a direct result of the effects of the placement of the planets in our horoscope. So if the planets show their impact through our signatures , why shouldn’t we use our signature to control and redirect the planets’ energies? ✒️Join in for a wonderful amazing journey with the expert himself- Saaarthi Sahil Jain ✒️What will you learn #Analyse your signature as per the planets’ effect. #Understand the impact of each dot , line, gap. #Find out the most profitable planet as per kundli. #Modify your strokes for best results. #Understand other people from their signature. #Utilize this skill professionally for earning money too. To Enroll For Upcoming Workshop M: 9999051719 , 9419190432 , 9906351719, 7006501905 website: facebook page: facebook group : instagram : twitter : pintrest : podcast : Be a creator of your OWN DESTINY, just don't wait for miracles to happen. Create & design your own MIRACLES with astro-vaastu tricks & enter into the WORLD BEYOND VAASTU.