Vaastu Acharya Journey

After completing the ADVANCE VAASTU COURSE, Your working on space has been cleared with an understanding of 16 directions & balancing of 5 elements in a space. WE WANT TO TAKE YOU A LEVEL DEEPER INTO THE MYSTICAL SPACE & CREATE THE ALCHEMY. Now you will be learning & entering the space into a deeper level with 45 powers of Alchemy. 45 Energy fields are responsible & govern the entire space. Where imbalance in space starts creating problem in the space. Work on Intuitive level. Art of Dowsing Geopathic Stress ACHARYA IS SOMEONE WHO IS SCHOLAR IN HIS DISCIPLINE. ACHARYA IS CONSIDERED AS THE HIGHEST AMONGST HIS COMMUNITY. ACHARYA COURSE Is Where You Get Deeper Into The Subject Of Vaastu on Intuitive level.The 45 DEVTAS Are The MOST IMPORTANT Point Of VAASTU, Starting From BRAHAMA & Its Energy Fields. The asuras & devtas combine to create the energy field in space. You will be breaking with myths that nothing is missing in a space, it is only the spread of the devta which is exhausted or enhanced. The moment you are able to decode the space field the working becomes more precise. You are able to understand how the space is working for you & against your result generation. This workshop is designed for a deeper understanding of the SPACE. How & where to give the treatment. What is that the client is questioning, you will be able to decode that which energy field is enhanced or exhausted. This understanding gives you a better understanding of the space to create DESIRED RESULTS. When we talk about results for yourself & for your clients you need to be more precise with result generation.This workshop will take you deeper into the subject to create the desired results once you have the tools to decode the science. Not only that you will bust a lot of myths for creating MONEY, HEALTH & WEALTH CREATION. NADI PENDULUM DOWSING is connected to your sub-conscious or 6th sense working of your intuition. This tool gets connected to your sub-conscious & acts as a receiver/transmitter for your higher guidance. This help & guides you into decision making, never doubt on the answers received. Life is all about moving & flowing, this workshop helps you grow as a consultant but also create MAGICAL results for yourself. 1. Intuition level will be developed within you with the help of different types of Meditation. 2. You will be able to measure the Energy fields of Vaastu Purush Mandla. 3. You will learn the art of dowsing to create the balance in the Energy fields. As sometimes the Vaastu Purush Mandla fields get disturbed; you will be able to identify those imbalances and how to correct them. 4. Geopathic stress is the study of Earth energies and their effect on human well-being. Basically, various underground formations, such as subterranean water currents, specific mineral deposits, or different fault lines emit specific electromagnetic fields that can be harmful to a human dwelling. You will be able to identify those areas which are disturbed due to geopathic stress which can lead to the problems like tumors, cancer to those persons living in that space. And you will also be able to control those energies. 5. How the directions & their vibrations effects us. 6. How the each direction vibrates on a different frequency, the moment you listen to your client you are able to decode how & what frequencies are effected. 7. How your DNA vibrates with the space you live in differently not giving you the desired results you want from the energy field. 8. How to get spiritually connected with vibrations & the space you live to get the best results. NOTE IT IS A RESIDENTIAL COURSE ON TWIN SHARING BASIS AND IF SOMEONE WHISH TO CHOOSE FOR SINLGE OCCUPANCY IN THAT CASE YOU WILL NEED TO PAY Rs 21000 EXTRA FEE STRUCTURE Eligibility : Knowledge of Vaastu Total Course Fee: Rs 250000 + Tax =Rs 2,95,000 Contact Us: Call 9999051719, 9419190432 Master Your own life & achieve your goals/desires/revive stuck situations in life. BANK DETAILS Bank Details- STATE BANK OF INDIA Name- SAHIL JAIN ACCOUNT NUMBER 35270219671 (CURRENT ACCOUNT) RGTS/NEFT IFSC: SBIN0003132 BRANCH- OPPOSITE AUQAF BUILDING, GANDHI NAGAR, JAMMU We also provide after course support, as we believe in upgrading your life & the importance of learning, we provide lifetime support even after the workshop. Welcome to the New World of 45 Energies : Just Give US a call & we will be happy to upgrade you LIFE with US. *TERMS and CONDITIONS APPLY


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