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# Are you a vaastu consultant but not getting results?
# Have you balanced your space but the problems are still there?

👉The answer lies in Astro Vaastu. Modern day vaastu follows its own set of principles and rules for balancing a space, its 16 directions and 5 elements. But sometimes that is just not enough. Despite the appropriate colours, shapes and metals the results are not visible. The reason lies in the placement of planets in the person’s horoscope.

As we know, the 7 planets and 2 nodes govern the various directions in a living space. Every object around us falls under some planet. If a particular planet is giving you some problem it can be decoded from your horoscope. When we apply the science of Astrology as a supportive tool to Vaastu, the rules change. Your whole viewpoint changes. What you thought was a balanced state actually turns out to be the biggest hindrance when, as a consultant, you learn to connect horoscope with a person’s home , a very clear picture is presented allowing you to immediately identify the cause of the problem and give an accurate solution.

AstroVaastu is a complete science based on proper study and calculations. It can give satisfaction to your client and be beneficial to you too.

👉: Who can do this course?

A: Anyone with a genuine desire to learn and upgrade his knowledge is eligible. It is preferable if you have a basic knowledge of concepts of vaastu.

👉: Why do you need to do this course?

A:The course has been designed to give complete knowledge in a very simple manner with easy to follow steps. It gives an overview of the importance of AstroVaastu for a modern day consultant. Unless one learns how to relate the planets with the home space, accuracy in making predictions and providing remedies is affected . In fact, identifying the root cause of the challenge becomes very easy and so does providing a solution . So learn to create harmony between your living space and the space above.

In Astrovaastu Basic level what all will you learn:

# ✨connection between astrology and vastu

# ✨understanding of horoscope

# ✨9 planets and their nature

# ✨Description and environment of the 12 houses of any horoscope

# ✨How to calculate the significators (places of impact) of each planet

# ✨Brush up on vaastu basics

# ✨Which planet governs the everyday objects in your surroundings

# ✨How to check which object is creating the problem you are facing
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