The 2nd point is the structure, how is the construction of the house?

Is any space extended or reduces?

This means we are talking about the structure. By structure we mean what is the structure of your mind?

Are your thoughts boundless or have you limited them?

Honestly tell me how many of you feel that the space outside yours home is yours, you don’t let anyone park their cars or scooters there?

Raise your hands honestly.

So for these people the house is not only confined to the four walls of the house, the outer area is also a part of their vaastu.

Do you understand the point?

Try and catch the main thought we even consider the neighbor’s house as our own. We feel it is ours, only they have occupied it. This is manasputra.

This is the structure, what is it like?

What cuts and extensions are there?

Out of the 16 contexts of life did you limit your thoughts and in which contexts did the range of your thoughts expand?

Take the East direction. It is the direction of social associations meeting people, social connections. If it is increased you will only make friends, meeting many people but you do not focus on your own life. You become so busy in making friends that you forget about yourself. And if that direction is less, then you start getting cut off from others. Thus only the balanced state works.

Brahma is the creator and Shiva Symbolizes completion while Vishnu represents balance. Brahma says keep creating, Shiva is busy in completions but Krishna advices you to steal the butter, that is learn to enjoy the god things too.

How you view your life is important. Who gave you your viewpoint of life?

Vishnu did that is, Lord Krishna himself as Krishna himself represents the balanced state, who tells that in life you have to take up different roles and actions. It should not be that we are only focused on construction nor should we only think of completions and forget everything else. It is only and only this balance which is making nature and our whole world stable. Krishna is very naughty and he is in everyone he teaches.
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