How to understand one functioning? In how many ways one object refracting the things? What is the importance of shoe rack? How to place a shoe rack in your home? Give importance on that. Those people who thinks that shoes gives support to our body for them direction will be North West. Those sports persons or athletes accepts their shoes as their strength, there is spikes present in the shoes this will to get a grip in their shoes, and they will not fell down so for them it will prove as a confidence and the direction will be South South East . One actress cannot walk in a normal state in her sandals, still in that hard situation they carries their sandals, sandals are not carrying them, they are carrying the sandals for them it’s a matter of beauty, it will increase more beauty so for them the direction of shoe racks should be at North North West. One shopkeeper who has a shoe business, for him it’s a business/ trade, if they want to attracts customers they have to place shoes in North and he will get more orders. In that matter, in which direction which subject have use in which format will vary. So you don’t need to see any object under the thumb rule. In a situation the requirement of anything for a particular person, may be it could be possible that one subject suits in the North East, may be in the South West for someone. What to do is your power of thinking about the requirement of the person in front of you. Are you designing a business man’s house? Are you designing a house that is doing a job? Are you designing a house or office of the industrialist? Are you designing an industry? What are you doing? What is perineum of that? On the behalf of perineum’s rule you will design in what way, in which direction, which objects placement is benefitted for them. So you will take care about the things, how to make a base on the behalf of horoscope and then do the placements of the objects.

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