What's the activity of the Dustbin?.......... to get the clutter and then dispose of it. If it is in the North East (NE), the thoughts that have got no relevance will keep on striking one's mind. Now, there is a difference between the activity of Toilet and the activity of Dustbin, both are not one and the same in terms of activity. If it is in the North North East (NNE), one will remain affected with cough, nasal, cold. infection etc every now and then. If it is in the East North East (ENE), one, in order to bring himself into the state of bliss and enjoyment, can get addicted to drinking habit. He tries to seek happiness in clutter(drinking habit). He thinks that he will able to get happiness by enjoying a couple of drinks. It all comes from this direction. If the dustbin has been kept in the East (E) direction, that guy would have the contacts of the everyone in the world except the one who is beneficial for him. If it is in the East South East (ESE), only irrelevant thoughts will come out of the churning process in mind from within. Before striking any positive thought, demonic thinking will get triggered. the negative thoughts like the venture are going to need a huge investment or what would happen if the venture did not work or prove a success. it will happen because of the presence of the dustbin in that direction, by accumulating the clutter in the form of the negative thoughts e.g., what if the business/ venture did not work? If the dustbin is in the South-South-East (SSE), the negative forces will attack one to discourage him and destroying his confidence in the form of the thoughts that he can't do it. The outer forces will try to overpower him by taunting him that if some other was not able to do a particular task, how he will be able to do that, you will not be able to perform. And actually, the situation is that the people who say that you can't do it, they are actually trying to express their own state of psychology. That if I was not able to do something, how you can manage to do that. They try to blame the cause of their failure on you. If the clutter is in the South (S) direction, the urge within you stops moving towards the right direction and starts getting diminished. You become directionless. in South South West (SSW), the clutter gets accumulated and needs to get disposed of. It gives good results in this direction. The dustbin can give best results in all the direction but the only condition is that as soon it gets filled up a little, it needs to be disposed of immediately. We do also dispose of clutter from our lives too. Those who do not dispose of the clutter and the unnecessary stuff from their lives, you will find that their dustbins are also not disposed of, the right time and are lying filled up in their houses. By mere looking at the dustbin in some house, you can come to know about the psychological state of the people living in that house, that whether he, himself, has been able to get rid of the clutter from his life. If the dustbin is in the South West (SW), a person who works for the entire day and when reaches home in evening will complain that not even a cup of tea was asked. The disputes will arise on those matters which do not have any relevance and are unimportant in life. The person starts doubting his own skill set that whether he has done it correctly or not. All this happens.
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