Cure of Disease With Vastu And You, How Vastu Effects Your Body

Since the time we are born & till we die we face certain diseases in our body.The changes keep on varying from time to time. There are many factors which govern the diseases in our body. One of the major factors is what our subconscious reflects us about these diseases. The space we live in has a vast impact on our conscious & subconscious. The space we are living in has some correlation to it. The space we live is governed by the major 9 planets & the objects placed in the house are also governed by planets. The space(directions) & the objects placed in the house create certain planetary combinations which impact our kundali (horoscope). The moment we are born we are under the influence of the 9 major planets. These planets govern our entire life span & the space we live in is also governed by the planets. We can see how these planets play a major role in influencing what we feel & how our body reacts to these planets.

So how a particular object in a direction can effect your subconscious & conscious to create a disease in your body? Let me share an example with you If shukra in a kundali is giving malefic effects in one's horoscope then how non working water purifier kept in a particular direction as per native's horoscope creates kidney problems. These are the observations how the vastu Purusha gets effected by the subconscious & the space the native lives in. How Objects in your home reflect your subconscious & how further it effects your body. You can witness how your subconscious gets aligned with the space you live in & how further your body starts reflecting & reacting to the space & reflects the diseases on your body.

You can verify this with if you find seepage on the walls & the paint is also getting effected & the astrological combinations in the kundali will start reflecting skin diseases. How bulbs in non working condition making a particular combination with sun & moon in a persons horoscope effect the eyes sight. How sparking wires in the home & what combinations chandrama (Moon) are making in ones horoscope with mercury that the person living in that space starts having fits. How a water pump in your home relates with planet Sun & how in connection with 8th House & in combination with a particular rashi can create heart disease. The combinations & events would vary from person to person. These effects will be show the effects on natives of the house whose kundali is aspected & not on all the members on the family similarly. Meaning the effects are different on all the members as per their planets & the aspects on them.
By looking at the native's horoscope which is a very powerful tool, one can identify what disease the native is going to face due to his planetary combinations. This can help you to address the problem & create solutions with astro-vaastu remedies. The science gives you accurate knowledge & helps you design remedies as per the native's horoscope. If you have also witnessed such findings do share it, design remedies for permanent solutions. You still have something in your mind you would like to discuss, just drop your question & we will be happy to address it.
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